What is Wayusa?

Wayusa is an energizing herbal infusion with naturally occurring caffeine, earthy aroma and enjoyable honey tones at its finish. It is prepared by indigenous people from the leaves of a sacred tree in the equatorial rain forests of Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. Use and cultivation of Wayusa has been embedded in the Amazonian culture for over 2000 years. Is has many names across the Amazon: Wayusa, Guayusa (guayusa), Huayusa (uayusa), Waisa (waysa) or Weisa (weysa).

Wayusa is appreciated for its balanced ratio of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, aminoacids and its activating effect resembling coffee and its further relative yerba mate. Contrary to coffee, Wayusa releases caffeine consecutively, therefor delivering the energy gently without peak hit and subsequent drop. The resulting effect is a calm focus and energy for mental and physical work that lasts several hours, depending on the intensity of work. Indigenous people believe that Wayusa fortifies their immunity and protects them from negative energies, bugs and snakes in the jungle.

Wayusa is a traditional fruticose tree owned by each family that is a part of their daily lives. Women plant Wayusa in “chakras”, permaculture farms in the jungle combining a variety of crops like coffee, cacao, banana, yucca, corn, fruits and herbs. The tree leaves can be used to prepare tea in 3 to 4 years. The tree can live up to 100 years. The older the tree, the more quality infusions and spirit in it.

Wayusa ceremony

Indigenous women start to prepare Wayusa at sunset. They light a fire and put the leaves in a cauldron with cold water. They boil it over a simmering fire for about two hours and then place it beside the fire pit where the constant heat radiates to it.

Before sunrise, around 3 – 4 am, these women put Wayusa over the fire again and serve cups of it to their family members for the awakening to a new day. The oldest members are served first, and it continues all the way to the youngest. With a cup in hand, they all gather around the fire afterwards. This is the time to share their stories, life experiences, knowledge, skills and lucid dreams. Time for sharing values that connect us, and views on how to navigate through challenges of everyday life while living in compliance with Mother Earth, Pachamama.

Classic preparation for casual drinking

2 to 4 tablespoons of Wayusa for 1 liter of water boiling over fire for 10 mins

Strong and stimulating physical body

4 to 6 tablespoons of Wayusa for 1 liter of water boiling over fire for 30 mins

You can boil same Wayusa more times.

Just add some new Wayusa and repeat the preparation.

Wayusa Effects

Inhabitants of the forest use Wayusa for its positive effects on their health and energy:

  • Raises energy and mood
  • Enhances concentration and performance
  • Stabilizes hormonal levels (menopause, menstruation)
  • Prevents from premature aging
  • Stimulates sexual libido
  • Deepens lucid dreaming
  • Cleanses and supports livers, kidneys and bladder
  • Normalizes high blood pressure
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Helps to activate heart and blood circulation
  • Suitable for drivers for longer trips

Helping The Amazon

We started this project as a pure way to help the rain forest. Our mission is to provide sustainable income to the indigenous families and communities in the jungle which is in accordance with a preservation of the forest’s biodiversity. The sustainable income is essential for the basic function of the families and communities in the current social system in Ecuador. Installation of electricity, taxes, work certificates and mandatory school attendance for families with an average of 5-8 children impose many hardships.

To pay these rising costs of energy, clerks, transportation and school materials, many families become susceptible to offers from mining companies in the area. Mining activity has exponentially increased in the last decade with the development of infrastructure deeper into the Amazon forest. And so many families are pressured to cut down their trees or even sell their land for the exploitation of wood, gold and minerals.

Cultivation of Wayusa is a sustainable income source that helps to preserve the traditional way of life and culture of the indigenous communities and their natural environment. By planting Wayusa trees in the rain forest, we are replacing the unsustainable, nonrecurring income from the mining activities that are, on the contrary, devastating and damaging to the natural forest environment. Traditional permacultural planting of Wayusa in the shady forest areas supports diversity of the wild life that has evolved, especially here in the equatorial rain forest, into its most fascinating manifestation.

Support of the rain forest and its inhabitants

nurtures the breath of the whole planet, including us.

Help us contribute to protection of the rain forest.


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